Deadpixies - Human (Album Zero) VideoClip


Well aware of Björk's song human behavior the Deadpixies design an artificial creature: trashy, technical, fragile: Dolly is the thin electronic projection of our machine culture. She is like a machine version „Automata“ from romantic author E.T.A. Hoffmann. This is a reference to the early nineteenth century conflict between science and mechanics on the one hand and magic and mesmerism on the other hand. But Dolly is also a forecast of human future, in which we might be born with digital body parts or even as robots. She is the incorporated inhuman human.Besides these conflicts and theories the lyrics reflect on the inhumanity of being human, eating meat but having pets, loving but killing what we love.
"Human versus nature, human versus machine, human versus human. Why do we only recognize ourselves "versus" the other? " Thoughts about destruction, persecution and demonization pervade the entire music project.